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Photoshop Is Deceiving

So, recently I decided to finally install the Photoshop Elements CD which came with the new Bamboo tablet I purchased a few months ago. The reason was because the original Photoshop on my computer wasn’t opening properly, therefore I had to find a replacement, and, SHAZAM, there it was, lying under my Wacom box.

It did not go well.

And yes, I know I spelled deceiving wrong. No need to fuss over a simple grammatical errer.


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8 thoughts on “Photoshop Is Deceiving

  1. Reap4u on said:

    AMAZING SYSTEM, your really good and funny.

  2. That is hilarious! Great post!

  3. I tried Elements once, and it made me miss real Photoshop. Luckily my tablet also came with a 50% off coupon. Unluckily, even a half priced PS is too expensive for me, so I resorted to using GIMP.

    Just kidding, I totally pirated Photoshop.

    (which I will pay for when I get a job or I get that big break in my life that makes me insanely rich… hahaha like that’s gonna happen!*)

    *this is referring to the job part

    • Let’s just hope Adobe doesn’t read that comment and sue you for it ;). But in all seriousness though, Photoshop is terribly overpriced in my opinion and that’s what causing tons of people to pirate it.

      • Well if Adobe reads my comment I hope they understand that I have every intention to pay up… not to mention they’re to blame for my not affording it.

        Well, I guess I am a little to blame too, considering I have no income or job prospects and a considerable debt… but should that really keep me from using Photoshop for the good of mankind?

        Oh… it’s money? Really? o.o
        Wow… Er, I guess I’ll pay, then. My bad!

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